Hello, World!

Hi I'm Jared Adrian Mikkelson!

I grew up in Prairie du Chein, Wisconsin.

I am an artist, film maker, actor, singer, and soon to be engineer.

I have sold many paintings to people as well as businesses, restaurants, wineries, coffee bars.

I graduated with a bfa in Film Production from the University of Milwaukee, Wiscosin.

I acted in music videos,many short films, and one feature film callled Scotch Tension.

Exploring the craft of cinema is a beaufitul adventure. It's life on screen, a shared experience, a visual-audible medium of meaning.

From screen-writing, and genre-blending, to cinematography, animation, and acting and directing, to musical scores; theres endless things to explore.

I have always loved captivating visuals, ands story telling, good dialogue, and music; but when going to film school I really learned to appreciate technology.

That is why I am now attending National University for electrical and computer engineering.

This new degree, this Second Degree, will offer great change to my art.

Learning to code, build robots, and understanding electromagnetism is incredibly inspiring.

I hope to create great products, with aesthetic design.

I want to create art that encompasses the world, and the world has become increasingly digital.

email me at Jamartforyou@gmail.com for painting inquiries.